Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge per word?

No, I don't. I also don't charge per hour. I charge per piece or per project. In addition to quality writing and great service, clients also benefit from my hard-earned knowledge, skills and experience across a number of fields.

Which industries do you work with?

While I am very flexible, I have mainly written for small to large businesses; the real estate, construction and hospitality industries, as well as the tech service industry.

I represent a small to medium company and write perfectly well. Why should we hire you?

Market leaders hire professionals because they understand how competitive the online market has become. There is a lot of knowledge and skills that go into even a simple piece of copy. I am a professional writer with the neccessary skills and knowledge to create copy that addresses every level of the sales funnel, whilst providing your clients with a smooth and enjoyable reading experience. I help you develop your online voice to establish your online image as a trusted expert.

I represent a small to medium company. Why should we invest in professional copy?

Because ultimately, you pay for the value that the copy creates for your business. Imagine buying the top-of-the-range luxury vehicle and putting low quality or even re-used tyres on it. Nobody does that, because it defies the object, right? In the same way, your content should match your business' status - both in value and in quality. Building solid relationships takes great communication. To do that, you need fresh, well-informed writing that gains you the trust and respect of your customers, competitors and contemporaries. If you are a visionary in your field, it pays to join today's thought leaders by investing in a bespoke content service. If you haven't done so already, this is the next crucial step in setting your business apart as a trusted authority. Not sure how to go about achieving this? Let's talk. I want to know everything about your company and what your professional relationship goals are. What makes it great and where is it heading? Remember, it's always the early adopters who lead the way. Let me join you on that journey by providing your company with top-quality content that works.

I represent a real estate agency. Why should I hire you?

When it comes to real estate agencies, the biggest reason for hiring me is continuity. Everyone writes differently and, if you have more than one person generating copy on the company website, your company's online voice becomes fragmented. This is never a good idea. Prospective clients want to feel like they are in good hands and, therefore, a consistent voice throughout your website and marketing material is crucial. Also, not everyone has the language skills reqired for quality copywriting, as this is a specialized field. One could even argue it to be a tad unfair expecting great agents and assistants who really rock their trades to transform into professional copywriters in order to keep their stock updated, online. We don't take our cars to the dentist, right? Exactly. It's a similar concept. The fact of the matter is that written communication is very different to spoken communication. Because online communication functions differently to the spoken word and even to print, your best, silver-tongued agent may not hit the mark when it comes to onlilne property descriptions. But that is okay when you have a professional consolidating your online image to suit your market's tastes. Let's talk about how I can help you sound as good in writing as you do in business.

I represent a tech service company. Why should we hire you?

Because you know a quality writer when you see one. I love collaborating with great editors because it pushes me to continuously expand my own boundaries. I also love going the extra mile. I enjoy doing research and adding value to your clients' experience.

What writing experience do you have?

In 1999, I started out writing property descriptions in my family's real estate agency office, qualifying as an agent in 2005. Over the past year and a half, I have written over 200 monthly features for the Canadian-based publisher, FMG Publications' three industry magazines, Business in Focus; Construction in Focus; and Manufacturing in Focus. I have also written two coffee table books for the hospitality assosiation, Classic Safari Africa, and have 2 of my own publications underway. In addition, I have also written blog posts for Liquidplanner.

I represent an establishment in the hospitality industry. What can you give us that the average writer can't?

My strongest suit in hospitality writing is my experience in corporate English teaching combined with hospitality management. As a former Cambridge TEFL-member and English teacher to adults, I understand that your clients are often second or even third-language English speakers. This gives me a unique grasp of your foreign market's language needs. When I write for the hsopitality industry, I focus my volcabulary on the mid-intermediate level speaker. In this way, we can be certain that all your customers have a chance at understanding your message.

How do I go about hiring you and what is the timeline like?

The process is simple and fast. 1. Check out my calendar to book a call. I can either set up a meeting through, or we can speak on Skype. 2. This call is great to get to know you better and to learn as much as possible about your company. I'll ask you questions about your target audience, buyer personas, content goals, tone and more. 3. Once I am clear on what your requirements are, I'll send you a follow-up email to recap, along with an estimate. 4. A 50% deposit confirms your approval. You can pay using Paypal or my favourite, Direct bank transfers are also possible. As I am in South Africa, foreign clients need a SWIFT code, which is provided on your invoice. 5. I now draw up a detailed outline of the content in question, before sending it to you for approval. You are welcome to request changes at this stage. 6. After we have agreed on the outline, I write the content. Following this, you are entitled to two rounds of amendments. This translates into a maximum of two separate emails with change requests. 7. I submit my final invoice for the balance, payable within 7 days of the submission date.